The Salt Fish Company is a play on Newfoundland and Labrador culture and history.

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A loon swims alone at sunrise. Photograph.

What, anyway, is The Salt Fish Company all about? Well, first and foremost, it rings with cultural identity of the two geographic areas in Canada that make up a province on the North Atlantic Ocean: Labrador, in the northeast – also known as The Big Land – and the Island of Newfoundland, southeast of Labrador. Together they form the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador ( it’s a lot to write out 😀 ).

The author grew up on the Island of Newfoundland, the culture quite unique to that of the rest of Canada. Sheep and horses roamed the pothole filled and dusty, gravel roads. Road hockey was equally as dusty. The Library Bus would pull up on the road, near where the kids played hockey (with six siblings, is it a coincidence that road hockey was played, and the Library Bus stopped next the author’s house?).

Somewhere along the way, I – the author – took a likin’ to old things that my grandparents had laying around, only to collect an extensive variety of items along life’s path, many found in The Shop section known as the Brick-A-Brack.

With a keen interest in photography – and all these treasures lying around with no storage space – the idea was born to hatch a site and marry the two passions together, thus, The Salt Fish Company, the name synonymous with The Great Fishery. Salt Fish – or saltfish, is you wish – wasn’t just the backbone of the economy, it was the economy! From the furthest tip On the Labrador to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, everyone’s world revolved around the salt fish trade. The fishery reached across the world. The fishery collapsed.

As for our blog, affectionately known as The Phog, it is a portmanteau of Photography+Blog. Pronounced The Fog, it conjures up images that the coastline of this great province serves up so well: need I say “She’s rollin’ in, b’y!”

Like many before and after me, I left the province for employment, and subsequently returned from the mainland years ago. Having turned my hand at a myriad of gigs, this page is an exciting one to turn to. Where is it going? Check out the First Edition of The Phog for our vision and together we shall see what happens.

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