Fisherman’s Trade


A winter scene that depicts the tools used by fishermen – on land and sea – during the heyday of the fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador: A horse drawn garden plow, a grind stone for sharpening axes and tools, a square-top shovel, and a rudder from a boat. The image is toned to resemble the early photographic print process of a Van Dyke Brown circa 1895.

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  • Printed on Fine Art Paper or Fine Art Canvas
  • Available in various non-standard sizes
  • Mounted on stretcher bars (ideal for in-store pick-up or packaged to ship) or may be shipped in a roll tube (lower postage, but requires stretching and mounting at your local frame shop)
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    10"x18" Paper, 12"x21.5" Canvas, roll, 12"x21.5" Canvas, mount, 20"x36" Canvas, roll, 20"x36" Canvas, mount


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